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26 Jun

2015 Guide To Mobile Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design is a technique that allows your website to be viewed properly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Only a few years ago, websites only needed to be one size because desktop and laptop computers were the only devices capable of displaying them. Thi..

21 Jun

Search Engine Optimisation: What SEO Companies Won’t Tell You

SEO Company

Ok, Wow, this is kind of a controversial and hotly discussed topic but I will pluck up the courage to take it head on and explain what SEO was and what SEO is today, and in the process expose SEO companies on what they’re not telling you (I won’t mention specific SEO com..

9 Jun

Domain Name Pain: How To Choose The Right Website Name


Choosing an available domain name (website name) can be sometimes as simple as registering the domain name of your business. However, when we start to dive a little deeper into the ripple effects of the domain name you have chosen, the once obvious choice you have made m..